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We understand the importance of customer safety and providing quality of service and vehicle components is paramount to us. We trust in the performance of Pagid who create a benchmark for braking systems available in the market. Performance is defined by the coordination of product characteristics friction level, fade resistance, disc wear and modulation. Trust in Pagid, trust in our technicians, trust in Philips Garage. 

safety is paramount


Safety is of our upmost concern, we share this value with braking manufacturer Pagid, who prioritise safety in early development. Like us, they pay attention to the finer details, taking pride in their field of expertise. For example, the brass studs that are welded to the base plate provide a much stronger anchoring of the friction material to the base plate - even under the most extreme conditions.

trusted in our industry


The performance and safety of vehicle components creates trust, in the brand, product ranges and our technicians for installation of premium components that deliver on their claims. We share common interest in providing our customers with the replacement of components after the stages of manufacturing without compromising quality or safety - the primary reason we trained with Pagid to become Glasgow's Professional Braking Specialist.


Covering thousands of vehicles and light commercial vehicles across 200 different vehicle brands, every brake disc we install is produced with the aim of superlative safety and braking performance. This is the primary reason why our braking brand of choice is Pagid and we worked with the brand to achieve Pagid Professional Braking Specialist status becoming an approved installer.

An unparalleled feature of Pagid brake discs is the addition of a GEOMET® coating that extends to the entire range of products, enabling exemplary corrosion protection. The chrome-free protectant enhibits rust build-up, a common brake disc affliction, therefore improving stopping performance over time. Additionally, it provides an aesthetic, smarter appearance for longer, ideal for customers with alloy wheels where the braking system is visible.

Pagid brake discs endure extensive and varied testing conditions to ensure the performance is perfectly suited to everyday driving conditions. With safety as motivation,Pagid utilise the very latest in braking technology, going above and beyond the main primary requirements of friction stability over a wide temperature range and dimensional stability. Boasting durablity and resistance to wear, we are confident in offering our customers a long-lasting stopping solution with Pagid.

  • GEOMET® coated, reducing corrosion and providing a smarter appearance for longer

  • Designed to work in harmony with Pagid brake pads

  • High carbon range available, for improved heat transfer

  • Manufactured to OE quality standards, to a 10 microns tolerance

  • Created from a single casting to maintain safety

  • Available with a cut on the outer edge for superior brake balancing

Brake pads are Pagid's core innovation, born out of a passion to provide OE quality materials to world renowned car manufacturers, their research departments work continually to expand brake pad offerings and improve stopping ability.

Beginning with comprehensive evaluation of over 200 different raw materials before deciding on the final formula. This is the secret to our strong braking ability. As a result, we are considering new materials and combinations on a daily basis to make sure we adapt to the braking challenges of the future, each mixture specific to each vehicle. In addition, 95% of all Pagid brake pads are free from copper, which reduces fine particle emissions, further endorsing our forward looking vision.

  • Chamfers designed to avoid vibration and smooth the bedding in process

  • Specifically engineered shims for each application to reduce vibration and noise

  • 95% of the range is copper free, reducing fine particle emissions

  • Over 200 different raw materials evaluated, before deciding on final friction formula

  • Over 300,000km of on-road and track driving is conducted for each and every brake pad

                                     Did you know?



Did you know that in recent tests an incredible 1 in 2 motorists were shown to have defective braking systems? In 29% of these cases, the braking systems were so poor that the drivers were risking their lives every day, it is no wonder that brake fluid is often referred to as a silent killer.

Why test brake fluid?

Brake fluid is designed to withstand the massive heat generated in vehicle braking but it absorbs water, the boiling point is reduced. Under prolonged, hard braking condiions, stop-start braking or towing, the heat generated can cause brake fluid with a lower boiling point to vaporise.


Vapour is compressible, so instead of a nice firm pedal, your foot can go straight to the floor. This complete loss of braking is known as vapour lock.

Once the boiling brake fluid has cooled, the vapour condenses back into a liquid and full braking performance is restored. This is known as phantom brake fluid failure - firstly, the brakes do not work, then all of a sudden they do. This can put you and your passengers as well as other road users at risk of serious injury or death.

Get your brakes tested!
Brake fluid needs to be tested every two years or 20'000 miles, we use an approved method of testing that guarantees reliable and accurate test results and most importantly delivers you information to keep you safe on the roads. Our lubricants have low hygroscopic characteristics and maintain excellent viscosity, lubricity and compressibility performance at extreme temperatures offering heat stability, maintaining the brake systems reliability and performance. Take advantage of our free brake fluid check today.

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