healthy living for your car

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removes carbon deposits
removes tars, gums and varnishes
reduces regeneration cycles
smooths rough idle
improves performance
lowers emissions
improves fuel economy
enhances lifespan of components

Philips Garage Limited are the only authorised TerraClean Service Centre in the City Centre of Glasgow. We are dedicated to offering our customers the latest technologies available & with our TerraClean Service you will enjoy significant improvement to your vehicle emissions, miles per gallon (MPG) & driveability/performance of your vehicle.

Carbon build-up prevents an engine reaching optimum performance, causes pre-ignition pinging & reduces MPG, all of which contribute to increased emissions. It also has a negative effect on standard emissions control systems such as EGR & DPFs.

The removal of carbon at regular service intervals restores engine performance and allows for a cleaner fuel burn
thereby reducing emissions & extending the engine life. Once the TerraClean machine is hooked up to the fuel rail on a vehicle (car, van, truck, motorhome, motorcycle, agricultural or plant & machinery), TerraClean fluid is passed through the machine’s reactor & the resultant nano technology particles remove carbon from the engine one molecule at a time, rather than less effectively dissolving carbon with heavy and aggressive solvents.

emissions explained

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) This is a non-toxic gas, which has a negative contribution towards the environment. This is a global problem and governments around the world are continuously pursuing policies to reduce CO2 emissions.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Produced from an incomplete combustion process of fuel. This gas is hazardous to health; it reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen, cause of headaches, respiratory problems and at high concentration; death.

Hydrocarbons (HC) HCs are emitted from the exhaust as unburnt fuel and as evaporation from the fuel tank and from the nozzle at point of filling up. HCs reacts with Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) in sunlight which produces photochemical oxidants and low level Ozone, causing breathing problems and increased symptoms in those with asthma.

Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) NOx emissions are produced in the combustion process. HCs reacts with NOx in sunlight which produces low level OZone; this can cause inflammation of the airways reduced lung function which can trigger asthma and can contribute to the formation of Particulate Matter (PM).


Particulate Matter (PM) This is partially burnt fuel which is mainly associated with Diesel Engines. The molecules are formed by the reaction to the other pollutant gases. PMs are small particles that make their way in to deep tissue causing respiratory and cardiovascular complaints.


Particulate Number (PN) Just like PMs, Particulate Number is a partially burnt fuel associated with Diesel Engines. PNs are molecules that are so small they can only be seen under a powerful microscope. The molecules make their way into the body through the skin causing; irregular heartbeats, nonfatal heart attacks, decreased lung function and increased respiratory symptoms and even premature death in some cases. The ezero1 has been proven to reduce these harmful emissions. Vehicles of all ages have been tested both on and off road; the results are outstanding!


Prices start from £108 inclusive of VAT, each terraclen service includes complimentary diagnostic worth £66


got a fleet?

TerraClean harnesses the technology the automotive industry has been waiting for, with so many applications the benefits are clears not just for the environment but your bottom line.


Contact us for a great deal in deploying our carbon cleaning system to your vehicles. Save your company money on fuel running costs by increasing fuel efficiency, reducing vehicle emissions, restoring performance and keeping exhaust gas recirculation and diesel particulate filters clean.

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“We booked the company van in after it developed a fault with the DPF, Craig recommended a TerraClean and explained the benefits. To say the van is running like brand new again is an understatement! In less than a day it was fixed and it only cost a fraction of replacing the DPF. Delighted to say the least!”