terraclean faq

What is TerraClean?

A TerraClean service involves linking your vehicle to our unique equipment which using highly refined fuels and a patented process, will remove carbon and other lacquers which build up in your engine thus restoring vehicle's efficiency, improving MPG and reducing harmful emissions - as well as prolonging the life of the various components, thus also reducing the cost of ownership.

Is TerraClean better than the pour in I have been using for years?

Yes! TerraClean is unique in the systemm of cleaning. It is not just about the chemistry, it uses patented technology. TerraClean cleans from injectors through the combustion process and cleans post combustion too. Thus cleaning EGR and Diesel Particulate Filters. Pour in products are generally very good at cleaning intake and injectors but not post combustion. This applies to other equipment on the marketplace, which claim to clean the system, because they do not employ the same formulation and techology they are only cleaning intake and injection not the full system and the all important post combustion parts of the fuel system.

How much does a TerraClean service cost?

There are various services available that clean different areas of the vehicle and components, prices start from £90 plus VAT. Please contact us to discuss the available services and your requirements so we can best price the service for you. We offer a complimentary diagnostic with each service, saving you £55 plus VAT. Ask us about our booking deal when booking all the available services for your vehicle, saving you £145 plus VAT.

Can you TerraClean any vehicle?

Yes! We do most vehicles, car, van, HGV, bus, agricultural and marine engines. There are few exceptions that we are unable to service.

My vehicle runs on LPG, can it be TerraCleaned?

Yes! Most vehicles operating LPG ran as petrol vehicles before conversion can be cleaned, build up and carbon deposits build during that period. A TerraClean will remove those deposits, LPG does not create as much carbon so a further service will not be needed.

I drive a hybrid, does my vehicle need a TerraClean?

Yes! Hybrid technology and vehicles using stop-go systems to save fuel are inherently prone to carbon build up and will generally build up more carbon deposits than other vehicles with similar mileage.

When will my vehicle need its first TerraClean service?

As a general rule we say a vehicle is due a TerraClean around 15'000 miles. But if most mileage is done about town the service may be better done at a lower mileage, if most mileage is done at motorway speeds then less carbon will have built up and the service will be due at a slightly higher mileage.

What can I do as part of my routine to reduce carbon build up?

Use of a good quality fuel will help reduce formation of some of the deposits, but the fact is that carbon build up is a natural byproduct of the combustion process and carbon will naturally develop and build up in a vehicle until it is cleaned.

Will TerraClean damage my Nikasil seals?

We have TerraCleaned many vehicles with Nikasil (nickel silicon carbinde) liners. Ther are found on several brands such as Jaguar, Audi, BMW & Porsche 911's. TerraClean will not cause damage to he Nikasil coating. We only use a highly refined fuel, there are no harmful chemicals present.

Can a TerraClean damage my vehicle?

No! A TerraClean service uses highly refined fuel which can cause no harm to your vehicle or any of its components. A TerraClean service will remove carbon which has built up over a period of time as well as other contaminents such as tars or lacquers that deteriorate the performance of your vehicle. TerraClean is best used as a preventative maintenance to help prevent problems ocurring, prolong the life of vehicle components and improve efficiency of your your vehicle in terms of performace, fuel economy and emissions.

Can a TerraClean clean my EGR and DPF?

A standard TerraClean will clean through both the vehicles EGR and DPF of there is air flow through these units but as a standard service is not designed to unblock these components. We have another tool from the TerraClean range that will clean and unblock your EGR and DPF, for further information and prices please contact us.

Will TerraClean work with my petrol Direct Injection engine?

A standard TerraClean service does not touch the intake on a DI engine but there is an adaptor tool that we can utilise to clean intake and a specific petrol induction tool that allows us to clean this part of the Direct Injection system. Please discuss your requirements with our team when you contact us to schedule your TerraClean.