cgon faq

Will CGON go on my vehicle?

Yes! The CGON unit goes on any fossil fuelled engine and therefore suits just about any petrol, diesel or LPG fuelled engine.

Will CGON go on my motorhome?

Yes! The CGON unit goes on any fossil fuelled engine and therefore suits just about any petrol, diesel or LPG fuelled engine.

Will CGON affect my vehicle insurance?

As with any modification to your vehicle, such as a tow bar, stickers (yes, really!) or a performance air filter, you are obliged to inform your insurance company. This responsibility lies with you. However, it should not be assumed that your premium will increase as a result of fitting a CGON product. As yet, we have yet to hear from anyone that has had their premium increased, usually the insurance company just give thanks for letting them know. At the end of the day, the obligation it yours. If you choose to inform your insurance company, the CGON ezero should be described as a fuel additive for emission reduction or an emission reduction unit. Please note that the ezero does not affect your speed or your safety and is not visually desirable (i.e appealing to thieves).

Will CGON affect the warranty on my vehicle?

Having a CGON ezero system installed will not impact on your vehicle manufacturer's warranty unless a defect occurs and it can be proven that it was a direct result of the CGON modification. This is the same for anything you install, be it telematics, aftermarket products or additives used in fuels or tank cleaners etc. CGON's ezero systems have been installed across the world in hundreds of vehicle applications and have been tried and tested for millions of miles in various atmospheric conditions. CGON are pleased to state that none of the vehicles or engies have suffered as a consequence of installing the ezero products.

Can I get a refund on my vehice tax from DVLA?

As far as the DVLA are concerned, that is a legislative matter and one that unfortunately we have no control over. They have yet to release anything to deal with retro fit technology.

My vehicle has been chipped / remapped, can I still have a CGON unit fitted?

Yes! You can however you may not see significant emission reductions due to the remap considerably increasing emissions.

Is the CGON unit guaranteed?

We guarantee the unit for twelve months.

Does the CGON unit store hydrogen?

No, the system is not pressurised and only produces hydrogen when the engine is on, once the engine is turned off the cell stops producing.

Is the CGON unit dangerous?

No, the system is not dangerous in anyway.

How long will the CGON unit last once it is fitted?

The life of the unit depends entirely on the environment and application it is kept in, but on a normally used domestic vehicle we would expect the box to to last indefinitely. As there are no moving parts, it really is a question of whether the box is damaged in any way such as in an RTA.

Can I get the CGON unit put on another vehicle if I decide to change my vehicle?

Yes! The unit can can be tranferres to another vehicle by a trained CGON installer.

How often does the CGON unit need to be topped up?

You should schedule a visit to our workshop to top up the electrolyte liquid every 6'000 miles or so, or when indicated on the wireless key fob that comes with your ezero as standard.

Does the CGON unit need to be serviced?

No, just topping it up with our electrolyte solution every 6'000 miles or so, or when indicated on the wireless key fob that comes with your ezero as standard.

How will I know when the CGON unit is working?

You will have a wireless device which will indicate your cell is on and when it requires a top up.

Are there any guarantees on savings?

This depends on the vehicle you drive and how you drive it. The system will provide you with a fuel enhancement of up to 20%% and will reduce your emissions by up to 80%.

How long does it take to install the CGON unit?

Most installations take between 1 and 2 hours.

Can I fit the CGON unit myself?

No, this is a specialised product and requires to be installed by qualified, certified personnel. Our technicians at Philips Garage are certified, authorised installers.

Where will the CGON unit be fitted on my vehicle?

It is normally installed within the engine bay, however if the room is limited we will install the unit behind the front grill of your vehicles. The unit will not be visible.

I have seen similar systems before - what makes CGON different?

It utilises the latest modern technology, is CE marked, manufactured to ISO 9001 and has been proven to work by Emission Analytics in real road conditions.

How has the CGON unit been tested?

Extensively, both with real world driving and by Emissions Analytics in real road conditions and against 7 British Standards.

If the CGON unit runs out of water can I still use my vehicle?

Yes, your vehicle will return to normal asipration if there is not enough water to operate. Schedule an appointment in our workshop to get the electrolyte liquid topped up at your earliest convenience.

Can distilled water be used in the CGON unit?

It is NOT solely distilled water that is added to our system, included is our electrolyte solution which makes the hydrogen. Just using distilled water will degrade the electrolyte concentration. When a top up is required, schedule your appointment at Philips Garage, our trained, certified technicians will top up your CGON unit using the correct electrolyte liquid.

How does the CGON unit affect BHP or torque?

It does not increase the BHP, however for those towing or carrying heavier loads you will find a slight increase in torque allowing for less gear changes and a smoother drive.

Does the CGON unit have an on / off switch and where is it located?

The system is switched on and off by the vehicle's ignition. You also have a wireless fob which indicates on / off. To switch the system off completely (e.g to carry out mechanical works etc) theree is a fuse connector holding the fuse which can easily be disconnected.