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We install our trust in original equipment, using perfectly coordinated components that are fabricated to achieve precision and deliver accuracy in the replacement of your timing belt. We only partner with manufacturers that deliver on our demands for efficiency, accuracy and intelligent replacement solutions.

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With leading innovation and unrivalled product quality partnered with technical expertise your timing belt replacement is in safe hands. Trust in Philips Garage, trust in our technicians.

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The performance and safety of vehicle components creates trust, in the brand, product ranges and our technicians for installation of premium components that deliver on their claims. We share common interest in providing our customers with the replacement of components after the stages of manufacturing without compromising quality or safety.

Your vehicle's timing drive guarantees the precise combustion process in the engine alongside the precise angle drive of the camshaft, opening and closing the valves at the right time. Prerequisite for consistently accurate "control times" is constant tension of the timing belt with tensioning pulleys and deflection pulleys.


If the belt wears or the belt tension varies the camshaft will no longer work accurately or efficiently - as a result; the engine no longer runs at full power. In a worst case scenario it can skip teeth, which can in some cases result in engine damage.


In addition to this risk, the requirements of all belt drive components have continuously increased in the last few years. Higher loads in the engine compartment and a longer life expectancy mean that garages typically have to replace all belt drive components at once in the framework of the intervals specified by the vehicle manufacturer thus avoiding consequential damage and high repair costs. In addition to the timing belt and tensioning and deflection pulleys, rest assured that our technicians replace all required accessories in accordance with manufacturers standards and specifications. Please note that, if the water pump is also driven by the timing belt, it is recommended that this is also replaced along with renewal of the coolant.


If you are unsure of your recommended timing belt interval please contact our office that we may best advise you.

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