air conditioning faq

How often should I use my air conditioning system?

You should use your air conditioning system regularly, if unused it can result in problems that could have otherwise been preventable. It may be cold and winter but the dry air created by the system should be used to aid the process of demisting your windscreen. Coupled with hot air blowing from your heaters and the dry air from your air conditioning it creates an effective and quick method for clearing condensation build up.

How often does my vehicle air conditioning need to be serviced?

Your manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer will outline their specifications although it it commonly recommended to be required at twelve or eighteen month intervals. If your vehicle is used off road or is subject to high mileage you may require an air conditioning service more often.

My vehicle is serviced regularly, will the technicians check the air conditioning system too?

Not necessarily, it is a specialised task and a separate service entirely and unless requested on booking there may not be time allocated in the workshop to conduct further inspection / investigation. If you experience fault with your system please let our reception know on scheduling your workshop appointment.

How long does it take to service the air conditioning system on my vehice?

We aim to complete your vehicle air conditioning service at our earliest convenience, the timeframe differs from vehicle to vehicle however if there is no faults present and we can regas the system without further complications we would anticipate having complete your vehicle between one and two hours. Keep in mind that our technicians will conduct the necessary checks prior to regas to ensure the system is not compromised and as standard and we conduct a complimentary health check on all vehicles to give you a complete picture of the vehicles health. Initially, ou may think the timeframe is longer than other workshops would quote however we are very thorough and always go the extra mile by conducting additional inspections as a kind gesture to our customers.

How much is it for a vehicle air conditioning recharge?

Our air conditioning recharge is charged at £60 plus vat this includes all aspects of inspection. If you are experiencing fault we will be unable to price the repair until the technician conducts his investigations.

I have a fault with my air conditioning system, how much will it cost to repair?

If you are experiencing fault with your air conditioning system we will be unable to price the repair until our technician conducts investigations. We will ensure communication with you throughout the process, we do not conduct repair or service without customer authorisation. We will advise you of the fault and costs prior, should you wish to proceed and if the booking schedule allows for the day, we will continue with the repair. If it better suits you we will reschedule the repair at your convenience.