dpf  doctor

stage 1

in depth dpf diagnostics

Our technician begins the appointment by carrying out extensive diagnostics to ensure the key sensors and components are functioning correctly prior to proceeding with our DPF cleaning process.

If fault is found, we continue the investigation to diagnose the root cause. Our trained professionals will best advise you on how to address the problem ensure fault does not reoccur, highlighting any expected expenses. Rest assured, we only proceed with further repairs with your authorisation.

stage 2

the dpf cleaning process

Using our specialist equipment along with specialist cleaning solutions, we clean and restore diesel particulate filters to a clean, carbon free standard.


Our fast acting cleaning process is repeated until the technician achieves the desired results. This effective service saves money on replacing the component by cleaning and not condemning the diesel particulate filter.

Our cleaning service is useful for preventative maintenance, many motorists employ our services to clean and prevent the problems many modern vehicles are afflicted with.

stage 3

live data and dpf analysis

Our technician will carry out live data analysis during the road test or DPF regeneration.

To provide further comparison of data depicting the before and after condition of the component, our technician will carry out parameter testing and report the back pressure readings on completion.

We endeavor to provide you with information we feel will allow you to monitor and respond accordingly to any future developments in addition to money saving maintenance tips.

Contact us with all your DPF enquiries without delay.