customer care

We understand the importance of customer care. Our team of trained professionals are dedicated to creating a unique, personal experience for you and your family. Our team are committed to delivering a service that surpasses expectation whilst saving you money on vehicle servicing, repair and maintenance. Where possible, we offer free services to create equal opportunities for motorists, especially with safety critical components, to receive a professional report without bias on the current condition of their vehicle.

what you can expect


On scheduling your workshop appointment we will agree with you a date and time convenient to yourself. We will report our findings to you along with an estimate allowing you to make an informed decision on any prospective repairs. We do not carry out any unauthorised works. The vehicle components we use are original equipment and come with a twelve month warranty, all prices are competitive within the market and average 40% less than main dealer franchises. On completion, we provide you with a detailed report on the works carried out.

skilled professionals


Our technicians are trained in the latest technologies and undergo continuous training to remain at the forefront of industry advances. Our customer service team are dedicated to keeping your family on the move whilst maintaining the safety of your vehicle. We offer services comparable to main dealer franchises - trust in our technicians, trust in Philips Garage.

what our free brake check includes

Check Item
Items to be actioned
Test drive vehicle
Test shock absorber operation
Test brake operation on roller bench - front axle
Test brake operation on roller bench - rear axle
Test brake fluid
Visually check rims and tyres
Check wheel bearing play
Visually check chassis
Check drive / half shafts for joint play and fluid leaks (collars)
Check axle bearing (supporting ball joints, transverse link mount)
Check stabilizers and thrust rods
Check steerings
Check wear rate of all brake pad / linings
Check operation of brake calipers and check for fluid leaks
Check operation of main brake cylinder and check for fluid leaks
Check operation of wheel cylinder and check for fluid leaks
Check operation and check for fluid leaks of load sensing valve and operation of hand brake cables
Check brake hoses for porosity and fluid leaks
Check brake lines for rust and fluid leaks
Check sliding elements of brake calipers for wear and smooth operation
Check accessories and fasteners
Check wheel hubs for damage / lateral run out
Check wheel bolts / nuts for damage
Check caliper brackets and guide elements
Check brake discs for damage / lateral run out
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