walnut blasting decarbonisation

Our new Walnut Blasting service makes use of walnut shells to gently and efficiently remove carbon build up in the engine to make for a cleaner and smoother drive. Recognized and approved by leading vehicle manufacturers, our service is proven to be economical, efficient and non-corrosive, without the use of harmful chemicals.

'economical, efficient and non-corrosive, without the use of harmful chemicals'

 Vehicles with a direct injection engine that run on gasoline produce carbon deposits as a by-product of the combustion process which can lead to sluggish engine performance.  Further aggravated by stop and go city driving that over time will cause a build up of black soot that hardens around the intake valves resulting in  restrictions within the engine. As a result your vehicle will experience a loss in power, overheating and higher fuel consumption. Aside from the Electronic Power Control and Engine Warning lights, other symptoms include rough idling, poor acceleration, engine misfire and knocking sounds.

The best way to stop carbon deposits from becoming an issue is to keep your vehicle maintained well. Regular servicing using good quality oil and filters is essential along with ensuring your vehicle is subject to a long run regularly. Contact us for more information.

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We strive to achieve the highest possible standards and deliver the best results and OE components conform to our desire to provide our customers with quality assured repairs. For peace of mind, all gaskets, seals and o-rings which are mandatory to be replaced during the repair in accordance with manufacturers specifications.

Carbon deposits affect your engine's performance


A by-product of combustion, carbon is the black soot that gathers and hardens on the cylinder head, cylinder wall, pistons and valves. This may result in a higher consumption of oil, a knocking sound from the engine or engine overheating. Almost all types of gasolines produce carbon deposits on engine components.

When you should consider

engine carbon cleaning


As a preventative measure we recommend this service every 28'000 miles. Additionally, it is advised if the engine malfunction indicator or Electronic Power Control light is illuminated, if your engine misfires and has erratic idling after a cold start. Lastly, if your vehicle is sluggish and there is no power and lack of acceleration.