managed & measured maintenance strategies

Maintaining your fleet and drivers safety is essential to maintaining productivity to support the accelerated advances of your organisation. Our team at Philips Garage Limited are dedicated to keeping your organisation on the road and on the move to success. Here are a few key aspects to aid your fleet maintenance in partnership with our dedicated repair team looking after your business account.

preventative maintenance

Regular scheduled maintenance is a proactive approach to fleet maintenance, partnered with preventative methods such as conducting routine services and inspections allows our professionals to assist you in preventing, detecting and repairing small issues before they escalate and have a more serious effect on safety, unanticipated repair costs and loss of earnings. Skipping service intervals and necessary vehicle inspections provides a false and inaccurate understanding of your fleet needs and costs, inevitably leading to unscheduled maintenance that cause negative impacts on your fleet operation as well as finances.

repair management

Develop a preventative maintenance schedule that works for your fleet. Consider miles traveled, engine hours, fuel usage and calendar times - these are typically the best guides you can utilise to formulate a bespoke fleet schedule that delivers efficient fleet and money management. Also, by also tracking the number of breakdowns, jump starts, tows and emergency repairs this may reveal a pattern of which you can identify, supporting informed decision making to apply the necessary adjustments to your schedule. Employing a computerized system is a more efficient method for compiling maintenance reports, allowing you to make faster, better decisions that will impact your business both in the short and long term.

driver management

Telematics allows you to examine driver performance affording you opportunity to provide important feedback and make recommendations based on the data. This fleet technology is affordable and effective investment, bringing much needed clarity in untoward events like speeding over a certain threshold, braking harshly and excessive idling allowing you to minimise fuel waste. 

vehicle specifications

Before purchasing or adding a new vehicle to your fleet, identify the demands each vehicle will face and establish intended vehicle usage. Vehicles that do not meet or equally surpass required specifications can have negative financial impact on fleet running costs.

communicate expectations

Communicate your expectations to all drivers to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities whilst operating any company vehicle in accordance with your policies. Ensure each driver has an understanding of your schedules, maintenance or unexpected repair policies and importantly any accident procedures in effect.

partnered management

Our Philips Garage Business Account is designed to provide small, medium and large companies with an easy, comprehensive solution to partnered management of your fleet maintenance. We are industry experts with extensive experience in fleet maintenance, we pride ourselves on offering a complete, flexible vehicle solution for all your vehicle needs. We offer an unparalleled service managed by our team of professionals, be assured your fleet is in safe hands allowing you to concentrate on managing your business. As your business evolves, we can support your growth in fleet by continually offering a cost effective complete service and repair package. As a professional, award winning independent garage, we can offer dealer level services without the dealer price tag. Our buying power provides us with considerable discount on OE (Original Equipment) and aftermarket vehicle components, in turn we pass these savings to you allowing us to confidently offer up to 50% savings in comparison to the dealer alternative. Start saving money on your fleet maintenance today and join the many other reputable organisations that we maintain.

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