41 years

of continuous improvement

Philips Garage Limited is synonymous with quality


Vehicle components endure rigorous testing and selection processes to ensure that only quality assured parts are bestowed with the accolade of becoming Original Equipment (OE) at the stages of manufacturing. We strive to achieve the highest possible standards and OE components conform to our desire to provide our customers with quality assured service and repairs.

we only fit components supplied by us


Your safety is of our concern, this is the primary reason that we only provide our customers with components with trusted, traceable supply. Counterfeiters are becoming more cunning at replicating parts & online distribution is making it harder for them to be traced. While forged parts are undoubtedly cheaper the long term cost can be substantial, surpassing financial implications - it could cost a life.

uncompromising quality, fit and durability


Genuine Parts are designed, tested and manufactured in accordance with manufacturers uncompromising standards for quality, fit and durability. Each part is engineered specifically for your vehicle to contribute to its optimum performance and to help maximise its lifespan. Technically superior, Original Equipment components are designed to out-perform the competition. Trust in Original Equipment, trust in Philips Garage.

optimised performance

premium quality

efficient first time fit

increased safety and customer satisfaction