00153 - Windshield wiper motor; driver side (V216): No signal / communication

Possible Symptoms

  • Front wiper not functioning


Possible Causes

  • Fuse(s) faulty

  • Engine hood contact switch faulty

  • Wiring / connectors from / to windshield wiper motor driver side (V216) faulty

  • Windshield wiper motor driver side (V216) faulty


Possible Solutions

  • Check / replace fuse(s)

  • Check / replace engine hood contact switch

  • See Measuring Value Blocks (MVB)

  • Check / repair wiring / connectors from / to windshield wiper motor driver side (V216)

  • Check / replace windshield wiper motor driver side (V216)

Special Notes

  • When found in Volkswagen Golf (1K): Central electronics (in combination with 02071), check for aftermarket xenon installation.

  • Aftermarket xenon installations may destroy the wiper electronics, installations like this are usually illegal, use H7 bulb mounts for the xenon bulbs.

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